BITS hostel list

Straight from the horse's mouth!

This should be of help to kids coming to BITS, follow it and you won't go wrong. I'm speaking from an experience of 5 years, and 3 different hostels.... so you're in good hands. Anyway, I've marked all those items which you can buy over here at Pilani with a (P) . So if you see the (P) ,rest assured that whatever it may be, its available here, Qlty, Qty and Qost! Also I've marked certain items in red,these (seemingly essential) things can be safely left at home, you'll probably never need 'em.
For your convenience, I've also included a downloadable, printer-friendly version, take your pick:
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CLOTHES   They won't let you in without 'em!!
7 pairs of undergarments   when you're washing them yourself, the more the merrier! I keep 14 pairs myself.
4-6 shirts   Spoilt rich kids will have a lot more
6 T-shirts   This is what you'll be wearing most of the day.
6 pairs of pants    
3-4 pairs of shorts   Nothing works better in the heat!
3-4 pairs of night-dresses   You won't need these for summer (shorts + t-shirt will do), but keep something warm for winter.
4 bath-towels   for the occasional bath
7 pairs of socks   these too you'll be washing yourself, so.... keep more!
6 hankerchiefs   only for the civilized
belt   To keep your pants up, after the hostel food slims you down
swimming suit   Yes, we have a pool!
FOOTWEAR   barefoot won't do in the common toilet...
chappals (slippers)   pick durable comfy ones, this is what you'll wear at home (i mean your new one)
Sandals   again, pick durable comfy ones, this is what you'll wear outside.
Sport shoes   The name says it all
formal shoes   You'll never need 'em till your graduation pic
TOILETRIES   You get most of this stuff here, and the price is right
4 cakes of soap (P)   To cut on your birthday
Soap case/dish (P)   for your body soap and washing (for clothes) soap
Hair oil (P)   Unless its leak-proof, better buy it here
Shampoo (P)   read above
4 toothbrushes + toothpaste (P)   for that confidence in class
dental floss   only if you know whata it is
ear buds    
washing soap/powder + scrubber (P)   dhobi ghat
To escape the dhobi's intensive care on your favorite t-shirts
Vaseline (P)   its a real wonder (but be wary of leakages, it'll melt in the heat)
bucket + mug (P)    
STATIONERY   You might as well bring along these little things, it'll save u cash.
Pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener (P)   Why buy them again, if u already have enough?
Notebooks, rough books (P)   If they're too much to carry, just buy them here.
school bag   This isn't TV, you'll have enough books to carry
Stapler + hole punch (P)   You'll have enough papers to organize
Scissors (P)    
Scientific Calculator (P)   Buying a really good one will be worth it, and since you won't get a discount here, consider buying it before you come.
Dictionary   unless u know what floccinaucinihilipilification means ....
Cello tape + dispenser   It has a million uses
LITTLE THINGS   that you always forget
Original Documents   Don't forget to bring all the documents demanded by the university. You'll have a hard time otherwise (trust me, I did). Get all the original documents, plenty of attested xeroxes (you'll need it for bank account, SIM etc) , and extra passport sized photos.
nail cutter (P)    
power strip   before    after
before             and             after 

you'll have only one socket for yourself
Spectacles + case   I pity those who don't have a pair yet
3 locks (P)   One for your cupboard, one for the door, and one for reserve. Also, get duplicates, and don't keep them in your cupboard!
(even now I'm sure that half of you will)
Table lamp   Bring this along, its pretty handy if you like studying on a desk.
Table fan   Most people manage without, but if you already have one, no harm in bringing it.
Medicines   especially those home remedies, and special medicines
HI-TECH   this is where the real damage is done!
Mobile Phone + >>charger<<   Buy this before you come, you'll have a much better selection and discount in any big city. But you can buy the sim here, even if you live in Rajasthan, because you'll get great student offers
Laptop or PC   Trust me, you don't need this now at all, so unless you have some real work in mind, don't bring one. Also, don't buy one either, better wait till you actually need it, so that you'll have the latest possible.
Pen drive   Now this is some useful technology.
Watch and alarm clock   Very essential......I'll say that again, very essential
mattress (P)   You get a decent variety here, so only if you want something really nice need you bring one from home
pillow (P)    
3-4 bedsheets  
3-4 pillow covers  
MISC.   A few random things (especially for your first trip)
Newspapers   or any other paper to line your cupboard
Plastic bags   A few of these will always be handy
Dusting cloth   It could be your best friend
Food   If you want to take the plunge into hostel food slowly. But not required really, everything is available here.
Rack (P)   These will help you organize your things (if you're interested in that sort of stuff)

If you have something to add or subtract, free to use the contact page, and don't forget to leave a comment!

Deepak Joy
Last updated on January 17, 2010